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Metroplex Women’s Clinic (MWC), formerly Arlington-Mansfield Pregnancy Centers, was founded in 1984 with the vision of serving the needs of women and families experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. God enabled us to become one of the largest pregnancy centers in the nation, with four centers in the greater Arlington-Mansfield area and Arlington ReSale, a resale store owned and operated by the MWC.

MWC has no financial gain from our clients and all of our services are free of charge. They include: pregnancy testing; limited ultrasound; options counseling; referrals for adoption, medical, social and spiritual needs; material assistance through Arlington ReSale and Baby Club; post-abortion support classes.

Several medical professionals in the community assist us in the growing medical needs of our clients.

Metroplex Women’s Clinic is a faith-based, medical non-profit, which has expanded our services through the years to meet the needs of those facing pregnancy related and sexual health issues by offering physical, emotional and spiritual support and empowering them to make healthy and life-affirming decisions.

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