Our Services

PREGNANCY TESTS –  Metroplex Women’s Clinic  uses a one step test for the qualitative detection of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in urine. They are laboratory-quality, with a 99.9% accuracy rate. Human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG, is a protein hormone produced by the placenta.


CONFIDENTIAL PEER COUNSELING –  Our volunteer Client Coordinators offer hope and compassion for women with unplanned pregnancies by educating, equipping and encouraging them. With a true calling from the Lord all our counselors go through intensive training and are committed to a four hour work shift. They are on the front line of this ministry and critical to our mission of saving the lives of the unborn and their mothers.


SUCCESSFUL TRAINING for EFFECTIVE PARENTING  –  S.T.E.P. is just one of the many ways Metroplex Women’s Clinic encourages parents to increase their parenting skills. Once a month, clients may visit one of our four locations and watch a one-hour parenting video. After receiving a $20.00 gift certificate to Arlington ReSale or Arlington ReSale Too, they may purhase items for their baby or maternity clothing. When available, they also receive 12 diapers and a can of formula with the redemption of each gift certificate. The gift certificates do not expire and can be combined for larger purchases.


EVANGELISM AND DISCIPLESHIP – Our mission at Metroplex Women’s Clinic is to save the lives of the unborn and their mothers. When led by the Holy Spirit, our Client Coordinators are trained to help meet the spiritual needs of the clients. Many are in need of the Savior and many, after meeting Him earlier in their lives, have simply lost their way. Not only do Client Coordinators share the gospel, but quite often they continue to disciple and invite clients to their church. Clients are also given a list of PAL…Partners Advocating LIFE…churches. These are churches that financially support MWC monthly.


POST ABORTION SUPPORT – Conquerors is our post abortion support group. It provides a confidential, safe atmosphere where emotions can be shared and guidance received and involves a 9-step format for personal growth and healing. Group members are required to participate in an interview prior to beginning the program and commit to completing the assigned work. Guilt, shame, forgiveness, accountability and relationships are several of the subjects that are covered over an extended weekend.


ALTERNATIVES TO ABORTION ADOPTION – Sometimes a birth parent isn’t ready to raise a child and simply cannot see another way out other than abortion. Metroplex Women’s Clinic is committed to educating women on the option of adoption. Most are not interested in considering adoption but often times between the 5th and 8th month of pregnancy they come to the realization that they are not able to parent. It is then they weigh the option of adoption. During the initial assessment with the clients, our Client Coordinators give them the facts about adoption. Each client is referred three adoption agencies and/or maternity homes…we are not affiliated with any adoption agency nor do we assist in adoptions.

PARENTING – Most women will choose parenting when presented with the facts about the physical, emotional, relational and spiritual effects of abortion. When counseling and ultrasounds are coupled together, the choice to parent becomes even greater. We provide hope and a plan of action.


PRAYER SUPPORT – At the North Center each Monday morning beginning at 9am we pray corporately for the needs of the ministry as well as the needs of our clients, churches, supporters and staff. We welcome prayer requests. Please submit prayer requests via email, info@friendsofmwc.com, or by phone at 817.299.9599. Everyone is welcome to participate!