Our Mission:

Metroplex Women’s Clinic is a faith-based, medical non-profit, serving those facing pregnancy-related and sexual health issues by offering physical, emotional and spiritual support, and empowering them to make healthy and life-affirming decisions.

What We Believe:

  1. We BELIEVE the Bible to be the authoritative, inerrant, and infallible revelation from God to men.
  1. We BELIEVE the Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, lived without sin, and died as our representative on the cross.
  1. We BELIEVE in the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ to prove His completed work and provide salvation to all men.
  1. We BELIEVE that all mankind was born with a sinful nature, remedied only by grace through personal acceptance of Jesus Christ.
  1. We BELIEVE in the Trinity consisting of three persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in one God.
  1. We BELIEVE that a true believer is secure in Christ forever and is called to live a holy life.
  1. We BELIEVE that those who are believers shall be forever in the presence of God and that those who have rejected Christ will be separated from God forever.