Welcome to Metroplex Women’s Clinic

Metroplex Women’s Clinic (MWC) is a faith-based, medical non-profit. MWC, formerly Arlington-Mansfield Pregnancy Centers, was founded in 1984 with the vision of serving the needs of women and families experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Since that time, God has enabled us to become one of the largest pregnancy centers in the nation, with four centers in the greater Arlington-Mansfield area, a Mobile Clinic, and two Resale stores that are owned and operated by MWC.

MWC has no financial gain from our clients and all of our services are free of charge. They include: pregnancy testing; limited ultrasound; options counseling; referrals for adoption, medical, social and spiritual needs; post-abortion support, and material assistance through our S.T.E.P program and Arlington ReSale stores.


In 1984, after reading Frank Schaeffer’s book, “How Then Shall We Live” Ann Olsen Ivey had a vision to see an end to abortion by starting a pregnancy center where women could receive alternatives to abortion and referrals for adoption. Ann knew the loving choice of adoption because she and her brother were adopted as well as both of her children. She found no one willing to start the center so announced a meeting at her church, Pantego Bible Church, and the room was full of people interested in what God was doing. Thus the Arlington Pregnancy Center was born.

With humble beginnings that same year we opened our first center at 611 North Main in downtown Arlington.  It was a small center with only three counseling rooms.

As the number of clients began to increase we moved to a larger location with five counseling rooms and space for a baby and maternity room.

In order to provide our clients with sonogram services we needed to move our baby and maternity room to a different location.  The solution was Arlington ReSale which opened in September of 1997.  We started out on Pioneer Parkway with 3500 square feet and soon realized that the store was meeting not only our clients’ needs but the entire community.  Soon we expanded to 7000 square feet.  The women were able to shop for their maternity needs with confidentiality and were made to feel special by shopping for free in a store that portrayed the ambiance of retail with the prices of resale